Phone Number

Buena Vista Twp.

Adamson Grove24554 Lincoln StJasper Co. Cemetery Commission3
Jasper County Burying Ground24403 Liberty AveJasper Co. Cemetery Commission3
Mt. Zion - south of Newton6197 E 64 St SVernon Terlouw641-798-4450
Saum - southeast of Kellogg10790 S 28 Ave EVernon Terlouw641-798-4450
Slagel - southeast of Newton6369 S 28 Ave E
Vernon Terlouw641-798-4450

Clear Creek Twp.

Ashton - north of Mingo8887 W 122 St NMary Maxwell641-385-2439
Graham - northwest of Mingo13574 N 71 Ave WJoyce Ohrtman515-986-5851
Kintz - west of Baxter8739 W 108 St N
Clerk, Jeanette Baldwin641-363-4327
Union Chapel - west of Ira7227 W 100 St NBrian Rumbaugh641-363-4563

Des Moines Twp.

Griffis - south of Prairie City11874 W 93 St SKaren Elrod515-994-2818
Prairie Belle27607 W 133 St SJasper Co. Cemetery Commission3
Rinehart211346 W 99 St SKaren Elrod
Vandalia - north of Vandalia10696 W 137 St SMarvin Ingle, Sue Stover
Westview - west side of City499 W 6 StCity Hall515-994-2649

Elk Creek Twp.

Dearinger211193 Hwy T14 SJasper Co. Cemetery Commission3
Hewitt - east of Reasnor8788 Seneca StClerk, James Bell641-798-4463
St. Andrews - between Reasnor and Sully8289 Hwy F62 E
Dwight Rohrdanz641-798-4451

Fairview Twp.

Fairview - east of Monroe3968 S 120 Ave EClerk, Alvin Keuning641-259-2704
Gifford - east of Monroe2870 Republic Ave WClerk, Alvin Keuning641-259-2704
Monroe Silent City - south side of CityJasper StMike Johnson
Ritter-Worth212397 W 62 St S
Clerk, Alvin Keuning641-259-2704
Seay24712 Quail AveClerk, Alvin Keuning641-259-2704

Hickory Grove Twp.

Hickory Grove - northeast of Kellogg8464 E 128 St NPhyllis Emmert641-236-4583
Mt Pleasant - south of Gilman13984 N 75 Ave ELeonard Hendrickson

Independence Twp.

Baxter Restland - south side of City6801 Hwy F17 WCity Hall641-227-3120
Bethany - east of Baxter9882 W 56 St NDean Krueger641-227-3373
Independence - south of Baxter7600 W 64 St NDean Krueger Info only641-227-3373
Raridon210440 W 86 St N
Jasper Co. Cemetery Commission3
Bethel - west of Baxter9088 Drum StDennis Clapper641-227-3673

Kellogg Twp.

Antle28413 N 19 Ave EClerk, Linda Hotger Info only641-526-8576
Center Friends - east of Newton3174 E 60 St NLes & Bo Trout641-792-2473
German Lutheran - west of Kellogg8998 Impala AveMarcia Ebert641-526-3375
Our Silent City - east of Kellogg1926 Hwy 224 NBob or Chrystal Townsend641-526-8544
Pleasant View2886 E 92 St N
Clerk, Linda Hotger Info only641-526-8576

Woodland2 - east of Newton8202 N 58 Ave EClerk, Linda Hotger641-526-8576

Lynn Grove Twp.

Bethany (Dairy Grove) - southwest of Sully11480 E 112 St SKeith Renaud641-527-2818
Campbell214067 Hwy F52 EJasper Co. Cemetery Commission3
Chester - south of Lynnville11233 Tower StKeith Renaud641-527-2818
Lynnville Friends - north of Lynnville15352 S 88 Ave EBetty Ratcliff641-527-3713
Woodland (Odd Fellows) - southwest side of Lynnville14254 Terrace AveKeith Renaud641-527-2818
New Salem - south of Lynnville
10710 Hwy T38 SClerk, Keith Renaud641-527-2818
Sully - east side of City12772 Hwy F62 EMarty and Betty Vander Molen641-594-4288
Swan - northeast of Sully13317 Temple AveClerk, Keith Renaud641-527-2818

Malaka Twp.

St. John's - north of Newton
8540 - E. 20th Street N.
Ralph Frahm, Doug Korte641-521-370907
Zoar -northeast of Newton2645 Hwy 14 ETim Leonard641-791-7619

Mariposa Twp.

German Society Methodist8384 Hwy T12 NJasper Co. Cemetery Commission

Mound Prairie Twp.

Mound Prairie26440 W 68 St SClerk, Barbara Hug641-791-9485
Rorabaugh - east of Colfax3554 W 80 St SClerk, Barbara Hug641-791-9485
Slaughter2 - northeast of Colfax1354 Newgate St
Clerk, Barbara Hug641-791-9485
Sugar Grove (Metz) - southwest of Newton2351 W 62 St SDean Lane, Clerk or Barbara Lane Hug, Trustee641-792-9426

Newton Twp.

Bridges25706 W 36 St. NClerk, Jane Guy Info only641-792-6614
Memorial Park - east side of Newton2700 1 Ave EDarlene Dammeier1-877-961-2416
Newton Union - north side of City
1600 W 4 St NJim Kling641-792-7116
Pleasant Chapel25298 E 28 St NClerk, Jane Guy Info only641-792-6614
Wittemberg - north of Newton6028 W 8 St NVerland Beckham or Kenneth Doak641-792-7796

Palo Alto Twp.

Palo Alto - south of Newton4968 Hwy S74 SCalvin Winn641-793-2381
Sacred Heart - southwest of Newton2901 S 12 Ave WPaul Doran641-792-7306

Poweshiek Twp.

McKeever - north of Colfax2061 Hwy 117 NHarry Sage515-674-3069
Fisher24280 Hwy 117 NHarry Sage Info only515-674-3069
Greencastle - south of Mingo11425 Fall AveHarry Sage515-674-3069
Sam's - northeast of Valeria12934 N 47 Ave W
Harry Sage515-674-3069

Richland Twp.

Bethel - north of Lynnville4786 Hwy T38 SClerk, John Terpstra641-527-3593

Rock Creek Twp.

Rock Creek - northeast of Kellogg4254 Jewel StBrian Gruhn641-526-3391
West Westfield2 - west of Grinnell15438 Jacob StBrian Gruhn641-526-3391

Washington Twp.

Colfax - south side of Colfax663 Boise StCity office - Ron Gearhart or Marvin Rorabaugh515-674-4137
Waveland - north of City692 N State StCity Hall515-994-2649
Jasper County Burying Ground2
Jasper Co. Cemetery Commission

1 Contact Township Clerk the County Auditor at 641-792-7016 for name of current Townshp Clerk if this information gets outdated.

2 A Pioneer Cemetery, Click for information on these cemeteries

3 Contact for Jasper County Cemetery Commission is the Chair, Diana Wagner at (641) 792-6668.